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Creating A Useful Space For Your Zoom Meetings

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Since most face-to-face meetings have been formally replaced by virtual ones, it creates the need to dress stylishly (at least from the waist up :)) and give a photogenic look.

Applications that allow us to conduct our meetings without leaving the house are very popular lately. Due to the pandemic process, most of the job interviews are carried out through the zoom application.

However, even though it takes away from the problems such as going to work and traffic, it is also very important to give a good view to the other party when it comes to video online calls. Picking up piles of papers and choosing a tidy-looking corner is the only way to look ready for a successful negotiation, even when the rest of your home is in disarray. We have compiled tips for you to create a stylish scene for your video meetings.

Living room with a large library
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The background is the most critical element for a successful zoom call. If the camera shows a corner in the background, we recommend placing an armchair with decorative cushions, a floor lamp and books. Also add a plant to create a warm energy.

Lighting should be a mix of natural and artificial light and ceiling and table lamps that balance cold and warm.If the light is too hot, it will appear yellow on the Zoom; if it is excessively white, it can make you look grayish.We recommend placing your desk in front of a bookshelf or a display of artwork.Shelves should be arranged decoratively and books should be ordered by color.Adding some decorative objects makes it all look more attractive.

We recommend placing your desk in front of a bookshelf or a display of artwork.Shelves should be arranged decoratively and books should be ordered by color.Adding some decorative objects makes it all look more attractive.

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In terms of art in this area, pay attention to the objects and products you display.Art should be elegant and not too whimsical, otherwise the audience might focus on the art instead of the meeting.

Have the light in a right way

Key elements to consider are good lighting, a comfortable seat and a clean space.Most importantly, it is positioned at a good height where your computer can focus you.There should be space around your head and should not be cut at any point.You should be neither too close nor too far from the camera.This will ensure that you sound good and look natural.

You should be illuminated from the front and as straight as possible to avoid being in shadow.Lighting from above and below can accentuate lines and wrinkles.Ring lights are the best, and those with a variety of color settings will make you look your best at any time of the day.Another trick is to have light behind you at a not too bright distance;It can add a nice depth to your look.

Keep it Simple

Conceise yet complete. You don't want to distract by too many details behind you. Include some type of greenery or flowers to bring the space to life. And make sure everything seen is in order.

The best spaces are your home office or work environment. If you're working in your dining room, organize the wall behind you like a workspace with a bookcase or some type of shelf.

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It was an undesirable feature of working remotely for others to see a small area of ​​your home. But this image of your personal life softens even the most cold and distant communication by nature.

Choose a cozy place with some personal belongings - photos, artwork, books you love or instruments you play. Choose art and accessories that you love and that show a bit of your personality. Neutral tones with natural or soft materials will add warmth. Stay away from things that are too striking and very vibrantly colored, at least avoid placing distracting colors in this area. Items that are old or old and that tell something about you, photos can make a nice backdrop to zoom conversations.

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Focus on yourself

Having a dedicated space for Zoom can increase your motivation and make you feel more confident and prepared. A dedicated work and zoom area can also help you set the boundaries between work and home life.

Make sure your background doesn't have too many reflective surfaces. In general, opt for a neutral color scheme or textured wall coverings with soft, calm colors. Books and bookcases are always popular as backgrounds, but seeing them a little further away helps create a better background. The focus should be on you, not the books or objects on your shelf.

Small works of art on a neutral background can create a warm and soft feeling. If there are any windows in your zoom area, make sure they are screened or shaded. We recommend that you choose the most suitable sunshade and tulle for your space in order to balance the brightness level created by natural daylight during the day.

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