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stone house with beautiful aegean style pool in a large garden



stone house with beautiful aegean style pool in a large garden

The pool section provides luxury comfort with natural materials among the garden vineyards. It was ensured that daylight could be felt in the space with wide metal framed glasses that make the traditional texture feel in the entrance section and the whole house. 

living room design in soft beige color scheme with a beautiful vineyard landscape

The living room consists of furniture made of traditional materials and contemporary forms, arranged in an open and fluid layout. 

contemporary living room design in a natural color scheme
wide entrance design with stone floor coverings combined with large turkish carpet and abstract sculptures and wall arts
dining room and kitchen design with cream beige color scheme, rustic minimal style

Experiencing the unique nature and peaceful climate of the Aegean, this house was designed mainly in the Mediterranean style. 

rustic minimal styled master bedroom interior has a romantic effect with elegant detailed floor lamp and wall art
a beautiful sunset and a graceful horse accompany the magnificent terrace design in this mediterranean style garden
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