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Ways To Personalize Your Space

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

What makes us happy in a place? Belonging and adopting are the most important feelings that make the space meaningful. Check out our suggestions to make the places you spend the most time enjoyable.

Make your interior completely unique and unique to you. Every object, every color and detail used in the space should reflect you. This may seem very complex at first glance. However, this does not mean that the place will be mixed. With a simple and holistic design in a healthy space, all the elements that create balance in the space should tell you and, above all, have the power to heal you.

For this, the right materials and products are recommended in disciplines such as feng shui, vaastu shastra and zen, taking into account many different information such as the birth date of the inhabitants, the establishment date of the place, that is, the building, and the directions.

However, when it comes to healing, it is necessary to consider the products that are good for you, especially if you have a chronic illness. Avoid complex shapes as much as possible. Use objects that make you feel good.

You can include floral or animal figures that strengthen the natural effect, such as a lotus flower. If you have a modern style, you can use abstracted products and images by taking this theme as a reference, and if you like a more eclectic or classical style, you can choose realistic types such as natural-themed objects.

We frequently come across natural materials and products in organic, retro and art deco styles, which are trend themes of the last period. You can easily add such products to the venue in the season. In the retro style, natural figures often appear in their abstracted forms. Circular forms, which are one of the most important aspects of this style, are also suggested details for the flow of chi energy in feng shuide. You can include rounded lines in lighting and decorative objects as well as in all your main furniture such as coffee tables, tables and armchairs.

In the eclectic theme, which includes organic, that is, rustic and minimal components, natural materials are dominantly used. Using the raw materials in wabi sabi, feng shui, zen and vaastu not only strengthens the natural effect of the space, but also enables the energies of the materials to be felt strongly in the space.

Designs that make the natural forms of materials such as natural stones such as Amethyst and Quartz and raw wood decorative with minimal accents will be products that give healthy and positive energy for such spaces.

When it comes to art deco style, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, golden details and sophisticated spaces. If you feel close to this style, include natural-themed products as much as possible. You can increase the art deco and healing effect of the space with gold detailed plant and animal figures, marble and natural stone objects and coatings. Make sure that the colors you use in this place are not dominant. Since gold has a dominant energy, you can use pastel and pale tones in order to balance the elements in the space. If you like dark color groups, make sure that the lighting of the place is sufficient.

How we choose colors for our home is largely a matter of personal taste and creativity. But it can also greatly affect our mood and well-being. Neutral and natural colors have a calming effect. Blue and green are the colors of calmness and healing according to chromotherapy (color therapy) and feng shui. In addition to this, you can add energy by placing lively colors such as yellow and orange in the space. Even if you don't like dominant colors, you can benefit from the energies they create by using the lower tones of these main tones.

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