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Colorful Christmas

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Colors that encourage us to face our new reality and enlighten us with their fun energies.

This youthful style creates an optimistic outlook with cheerful and vibrant colors. Bringing back the joy in our lives and happy thoughts about travel and freedom.

How about adding some fun to your space with stunning colors and pastel tones?Bring the positive feelings of the new year to the place with childlike energies by going a little beyond the borders.

It is very important to establish the color balance when using vibrant colors in Christmas decoration. For this, choose yourself a base neutral tone, for example use vibrant colors on black, gray or white.

We like this theme best with kindercore or memphis style. Check out these styles here.

Different colors have different psychological effects. For example, certain shades of orange and yellow can make you hungry, while blues can have the opposite effect and calm your nerves. The same goes for most shades of green. Before choosing a color scheme for any space, watch our color therapy video and find out how these colors can make you feel.

Do you want to create a place that is a little crazy, a little retro and exciting? Apply to design with us!

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