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Glass Room Ideas

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

In winter gardens where being in touch with nature is a philosophy of life. Living spaces are more relaxing and useful than other conventional forms where glass is used abundantly and sunlight gets inside.

In general, materials such as wood, ceramic, stone, rubber and wicker are preferred for flooring in sun rooms / winter gardens as living space.

Additionally, the furniture used can be varied according to the form of the space and the user's request.In addition to wood, wicker, iron, plastic and bamboo furniture, fabric and leather-covered furniture can also be used.

As in almost every winter garden, plants of various sizes and shapes can be found in living spaces.Various decorative details also serve as an integral element in these spaces.Some shades can be used on the windows, as well as with the help of large trees in the garden.can be provided.

Glass can be supported by frames made of materials such as aluminum, wood, iron and plastic.Lighting, which is another important design criterion, can be used in many ways in living spaces.These elements can also be diversified according to all the design criteria that make up the space.

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