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White Dreams Christmas Theme

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

If we had to describe the winter season in two words, it would be White and comfort.

white stars christmas decoration, white christmas tree in a minimalistic home
Image Credit: @kinegjermstad & @tartcontemporary

You can create this decor by decorating with a wooden abstract pine tree with minimal forms.

white room with christmas tree
Image Credit: Haute Design London

"White, beige and gray are the main tones of this theme.. "

In this concept where simplicity is at the forefront, make sure to include white fairy lights in the table arrangement.

Reveal the reflection of the space with abstract objects and minimal forms of natural materials.

Colors of a beautiful winter sky in the early morning.

Green leaves and frozen shadows come together to create an elegant, feminine theme.

It works for both a romantic and a contemporary interior. Be bold and add a dark green bottle, it will give the theme a little more spark.

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