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Ways to infuse Japandi style in your home

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Bringing our favorite elements of design infusions from Japan and Scandinavia, Japandi style is a perfect combination where both aesthetics share similar principles. It is a style based on minimalism and emphasizing the raw and random influences of nature. One of the best things about this style is that it is easy to apply. In this article, we share five easy steps for you to apply Japandi style to your home.


The best way to start this transformation is to remove the clutter and use only one functional products for the space. When it comes to Japandi, it will make your job much easier to include minimal products that allow free flow into the space.

Japandi is a way of living like wabi sabi from the teachings of zen. Through our fast and consumption-based lives, it inspires calmness, serenity and feeling. Therefore, we can't say it's the same as minimalism in all aspects. It tells that every piece that reveals the space is functional as well as having a space of its own. It makes you feel that every product in the space has a purpose and adds meaning to the space together.

Make a space

Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism is the best set up in large open-plan layouts. Spacious open spaces, especially those that allow natural light to flow, are essential to achieving the Japandi style. This approach allows the star pieces to stand out and brings out the serene feeling of zen in the space. If you don't have a lot of space, you can use low furniture to create this feeling. Low furniture helps to make the space visually spacious, interesting and authentic. Of course, choose products that are comfortable. For example, you can choose a seat with a lower back height than standard sizes, but make sure that the height of the coffee table and the seat height are compatible. We cannot talk about peace and serenity in a non-ergonomic space. For this reason, it is important that the furniture is ergonomic and comfortable as much as the appearance.

Chose the right items

You can create a japandi effect in the space with few but essential products. When choosing accessories and furniture, you can limit your selection to functional pieces. You can create a space with much cleaner lines by saving space with multifunctional furniture. Buy every piece you will keep in the place for long-term use. Include pieces that appeal to you and give you peace of mind, not just considering the trends. Do not use too many accessories. However, make sure that the accessories you use are exactly the parts that make you feel good. Don't be afraid to take time for this. Stick to clean lines when choosing furniture or accessories. In order to give the necessary attention to the products with curvilinear and artistic details, take care to have the right quantity and placement.

Neutral Color Palette

When it comes to the Japandi aesthetic, you can stick to a warm, neutral palette. Think beige, cream, oatmeal, bronze and stone colors. Traditionally incorporating some Scandinavian neutrals and combining them with dark woods promotes feelings of peace and harmony. A neutral color palette can actually be lively. The best way to create a striking effect in a neutral color palette is to create contrast. Next to neutral tones, think dark gray, dark earth tones and green, think hues. However, since these tones are used to create focus, it is useful to use them in the right place and as few pieces as possible. Otherwise, you may stray away from simplicity.

Natural Materials

Especially sustainable materials have an important place in Japandi style.

Whenever possible, try to remove the boundaries between indoor and outdoor and think whole. Scandinavian and Japanese cultures also attach great importance to nature and bringing nature indoors. Include peaceful products such as earthen pots, spring branches, wool rugs, a hand-knitted cover, candles and incense. You are ready to add Japandi to your space and life! How would you like to start?

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