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Comfort and Positive Energy Corners

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Our houses and especially our bedrooms are the resting areas that take away the tiredness and stress of the day. You can examine the tips for creating a comfortable space under the light of ergonomics and space improvement philosophies.

Include functional and comfortable furniture. Zen has a lot in common with minimalism. The most important thing is functionality.

Making the furniture in your space functional, or prioritizing comfort and function as much as aesthetics in your new shopping is an important step in creating a healthy space.

Make sure that the sofas and chairs have comfortable seating, and that the fabrics used are made of natural materials that do not contain synthetic components.

Melatonin, one of the hormones that makes our immune system strong, is provided by a healthy sleep. For this, the bedroom must be designed correctly. Great emphasis is placed on creating a safe sleeping environment in Vastu Shastra The ancients recognized the importance of the act of rest for the well-being of the body and mind and sought an ideal time and place for this.

According to the old rishis, they argued that some places are more suitable for peaceful sleep, depending on the integrity of the elements such as direction, color, lighting.

In feng shui, the position of the bed should not be on the same wall with the door and window. The reason for this is to allow the chi energy to circulate in the space.

Positioning the bedroom in the southwest according to feng shui and the bed oriented in the south and southeast according to Vastu is recommended for the healthiest sleep.

In today's world, electrical equipments such as televisions, computers and stereos have an energy-enhancing effect by stimulating chi when used in the right areas and directions. For example, a television in the east part of the living room is a great choice for maintaining the health of the family and giving a positive outlook on life. However, this does not reflect the right element in the bedroom, so for a bedroom that brings healthy sleep and peace, it is the right idea to keep the television, phone and computer as far away as possible.

Using a mirror in front of or next to the bed is not recommended according to feng shui, which reduces sleep quality. Therefore, mirrors should be used with great care in bedrooms.

Bed selection is one of the most important factors affecting sleep quality. For this, choose mattresses that are as ergonomic as possible and that provide the healthiest sleep to your body. This can be one of your most important wealth. Make sure that the fabrics used in the bedding have organic components as much as possible. Breathable non-synthetic, linen, cotton fabrics are considered ideal.

You can increase the energy of love and healing by including earth tones, pastel and pale warm tones as much as possible in your bedroom according to the space rehabilitation disciplines.



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