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Wabi Sabi Christmas Trend

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Wabi Sabi, a Japanese word - vision "imperfect, imperfect and incomplete beauty" - is perfect for two words rethinking the current aesthetic and mood we'll see next year.

Add emotion to the space with raw surfaces with a design that focuses more on the material aspect.

You can easily add this mood to your Christmas decor by choosing objects with a new texture, adding imperfect and wrinkled fabrics, and opting for handmade.

With this philosophy that revives the perfection of imperfections, you can add this relaxing energy to your space with the wabi sabi pot.You can choose ceramic handmade products for your table.

dark green christmas decorated wooden table with burning candles
Image Credit: Unknown

Colors are also calm and natural, above all gray.

This concept, which gives a calm energy with minimal and organic details, continues to exist this year as it did last year.The prominent tones of this concept are;pale green, earth tones, stone color, dirty white tones such as beige and ecru.

Old gold and rusty details pop up for metal accents.Wooden materials and stone materials are among the prominent details in this concept.

To apply Christmas decorations with this concept, decorate a dry branch with tree decorations. Use green plants, stone objects and natural textures like linen. Imagine a place as plain as possible.

If you want to reflect Wabi Sabi on your walls, you can choose "Earthy" textured products.

This texture is a bit more raw and contains thick-line workmanship.In addition to its unique meaningful and perfect forms, the depths created by the light texture will create a focus in your space.

Do you want to design your space with Wabi Sabi? Click to apply!

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