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Feng Shui for Family Energy

Having a loving and supportive family at all times is one of the best things you can have in a world. Better yet, it's a healthy, happy-emotional home to share with your family. Here are some simple and basic feng shui tips to create more harmony, peace and understanding in your family life.

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To benefit from feng shui wisdom, you don't need to immediately apply complex feng shui steps or concepts. These easy-to-follow family harmony feng shui tips can help you create a significantly better space for all family members, young and old.

Feng Shui regulates the quality of energy in your home, determining the quality of daily family interaction.

For this subject, first of all, houses and their surroundings are carefully examined in terms of their effects on the people living in the house. According to feng shui, each part of your home is "responsible" for certain areas of your life and the health of certain parts of your body. To bring more harmony into your family life, you can apply some basic feng shui tips that will increase the energy in your home.

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Heart of your home

Before moving on to the family area, we would like to talk about the area that distributes chi to all energy areas. According to feng shui, the center of your home is very important because this area is the one that transfers and nourishes energy to all other areas. The center is called the heart of the house or the yin-yang point. The more open and happy the center of the house is, the happier and more open the people living in that house will be. Keep the lively and harmonious energy in this area as clean as possible. Add decorative items and images that make you happy.

Families and Bagua

In feng shui, each part of your home is related to a specific area of ​​your life. The energy of family harmony is closely linked to the state of the health and family bagua areas of ​​your home. The east side of the house is the area reserved for Friends, Family and Health.

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The element of the Family and Friends area is wood. Wood promotes trust, connections, spirituality and growth when you are in a balance at your home. Flowers are recommended for the Health/Family/Friends area because they represent health and healthy relationships.

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You should arrange this area with decorative objects of wood and water element, and happy family photos. Crystals, natural stones and especially a running water, a decorative fountain are the elements that will create the good energy flow of this space.

Improvements in this area are particularly useful when:

  • If you want to strengthen your ties with your family,

  • If you want to improve your relationships with your family members,

  • If you want to expand your family or make new friends,

  • For a happy pregnancy,

  • For a peaceful marriage and right relations with your children,

  • To resolve conflicts between family members,

  • Improving relationship with parents and siblings,

  • If you want to improve your own health or a family member's, making feng shui arrangements for this area will help you to find the right energy.

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Feng Shui suggestions to enhance family energy for your home or workplace;

  • Healthy plants with rounded soft leaves,

  • Freshly cut flowers or flowering plants in all colors,

  • Artistic items or photographs that represent family and friends, flowers, gardens or landscapes. (A picture gallery of family and friends is particularly important here.)

  • Plants with flowers in blue colors,

  • If this area coincides with your bedroom; floral print duvet covers in blue tones,

  • If it coincides with your living room; floral patterns on sofa fabrics or pillows,

  • Floral textured or patterned wallpapers in minimal or classic style according to your preferred style,

  • Anything made of wood, including furniture and decorative objects,

  • Quotes, sayings about ideal health and family connections,

  • You can include items such as personal special items related to family, sports and health related awards..

Even if your floor plan doesn't have a dedicated room for this zone, you can create this energy field in several ways: by planting flowering plants, by placing a mirror on the wall, or by hanging a 30mm round faceted crystal

During Pregnancy

Avoid changing the position of the bed during pregnancy, according to feng shui. It is recommended that you stay away from changing your home, renovating or building a new structure during pregnancy. Reconstruction actions often create a tremendous amount of vibration. This vibration, acting as an energy trigger, can affect fetal development and have serious consequences.

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Remember that in Feng Shui your intent and mood, play an important role in enhancing any energy field of your home or workplace. That's why all development needs to be done with intent, especially written intentions. For example; “I have a strong relationship with my family”, “I have many good friends”, “My family is healthy”, “I have a great marriage.” We particularly recommend that you write affirmations such as these before editing this field. If you or the members of your family have negative moods, it may not be enough to solve them with the place alone.

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A clean, tidy and well-loved home will encourage harmonious communication among all family members. If there is clutter in your home, do your best to get rid of it and organize your home well. Most importantly, include forms and styles that express love and care in all your home decor options. Consistent use of feng shui fundamentals will help you create a beautiful, joyful, and loving home that fully supports your family's health, happiness, and well-being.

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Feng Shui improvements don't have to cost a lot. A simple wooden photo frame may seem like just another frame to your friends and family, but for you, it can be a great source of energy for building stronger family bonds or even welcoming a foreign family member into your life. Place the objects we suggest in the family area of ​​your home, room or office and they will easily remind you of your connections with friends and family, while also increasing the energy of the wood element.

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Strong health and bonds of friends and family are the foundation of our physical and emotional well-being. The healthier your relationships, the more opportunities you have to network and get things done for both personal and altruistic purposes. Enhance your Friends and Family energy field, connect with others and feel the love!

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