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Bad Feng Shui And Energy Of The Spaces

Updated: May 16, 2022

It is an undeniable fact that the places we live in have an impact on us and our lives. By adding Feng Shui elements to your space according to the aspects they represent, you can gather all the positive energy necessary to provide a healthy and lucky life, and at the same time use the negative energy correctly to create balance. By focusing on the basic rules we will share, it is possible to bring good energy to your place in daily life.


Feng Shui is about the balance of all energies. Feng means wind and Shui means water, and in Chinese culture both wind and water are associated with good health, so good Feng Shui means good luck, while bad Feng Shui means bad luck or misfortune. The aim of good Feng Shui decoration is to create an energy that complements the existing identity of the space in a lively, peaceful and harmonious way, as opposed to attracting attention or competing with the style of the space. You can have the perfect Feng Shui decor in any style, because in a nutshell, you only need to apply exactly what colors, shapes, pictures, and decorative objects will be used in certain areas of a space. You can do this in any style and space without disturbing the visual energy of the space. To master the powerful, yet subtle art of true Feng Shui decoration, it is helpful to observe the theory of the 5 Feng Shui elements and all areas in which these elements express themselves. Once you understand the language of the 5 elements, you can use Feng Shui effectively in your space as you know how these elements are expressed in various decor items. If we go back thousands of years (3000, 5000 years or more is suggested); The Feng Shui masters of ancient times were exploring the unseen, mystical dimensions of the Universal energy called Chi. Chi is the life force energy that sustains human existence; They realized that he had unseen power moving throughout the human body. Their aim was to map the impact of this energy on human well-being. Diving deep into cosmic knowledge, these Feng Shui masters were studying the intricately connected patterns between the Universe and personal expressions of energy.

They have studied with absolute selflessness the expressions of this universal energy in various earth formations, water flow, the geometry of man-made structures and much more. The result of all these investigations was that certain elements must be present in order for a closed environment to multiply the power of Chi, or universal energy, and increase people's health and vitality, which they clearly understood and defined as the basis for good Feng Shui. These vital elements were identified as Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each of these elements has certain colors, sounds, body organs, compass directions, planets, flavors, etc. It has a unique energy quality, which is expressed as Studying all Feng Shui research can be really complex and even confusing at first. Although this information is very useful for us, we don't need to go that deep to understand how to use the 5 elements to create good Feng Shui in everyday life. For this, it will be sufficient to refer to the oldest and basic information. Because I know the fact that the basic Feng Shui theory is incredibly powerful.

Fire, earth, metal, water and wood elements, as archetypal nature energies, form the basic components of Feng Shui as universal forces. We can treat these forces as building blocks or Feng Shui tools that help create a strong, vibrant and vibrant energy in any space. To put it briefly; fire, earth, metal, water and wood elements each represent a different aspect and add different meanings to the place they are in. For example, the fire element brings the energy of fame and reputation in the south direction, while earth signifies love and spiritual growth in the southwest and northeast direction. You do not always have to add traditional Feng Shui objects to the decoration according to the direction of the elements. With the help of a bagua mirror and a compass, it will be enough to determine the active elements in the directions of your space and use the objects and colors that contain these elements.


A good Feng Shui home has a main entrance designed to welcome and strengthen the energy from throughout the entire house and to allow it to flow through the entire space. Because there is a strong and clear energy flow at the main entrance door of the place. The front/main door should not be directly aligned with another door or a large window. This is to prevent the good Feng Shui energy from the front door from easily escaping without wandering your home. If this is not possible, repositioning or shaping existing furniture pieces to re-direct the energy flow will ensure that the Chi energy is felt in all areas of the space.

As you can see in Miller House, a large entrance hall is always helpful for the easy dispersal of good energy from the main door into the space. Where this is not possible, nurturing the good energy entering the space is possible by adding strong lighting, a vibrant carpet, simple furniture in appropriate forms and colors, and a beautiful piece of art as a focal point.


Mirror has an important place in Feng Shui decoration. Attention should be paid to what the mirror reflects in front of it as well as the direction it is in. For example, since food always symbolizes abundance, placing a mirror right in front of the dining table can increase abundance. Perhaps one of the most important sections in this regard is the introduction. The reason for this is the construction of the good and bad energy balance that the mirror will reflect from the main door. When positioning the mirror in the entrance hall, be careful not to put it directly opposite the door. In fact, although the mirror may allow the bad energy to come out, it also reflects the good energy, so you can push the bad energy out with the plants you place in this area and only let the Chi enter the space.

You can use the reflective feature of the mirror to strengthen the natural lighting of places that are located in the north or cannot receive direct sunlight. For this, it will be very useful to adjust the angle of the mirror to reflect the natural lighting exactly to the dark area.

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Incorporating the natural environment into the space in every sense, being in harmony with nature is the basis of creating a peaceful and spacious place. Feeling and preserving the natural balance in the space is of great importance in the principles of Feng Shui as well as in architecture. You can arrange the types of plants and stones that you will position indoors and outdoors according to the directions in which the elements are active. For example, cactus can repel bad energy, while bamboo can bring good luck and simplicity. Usually, arranging the interior garden design in the south and south-west direction helps you to provide better energy. The reason for this is the aspects where the wood element is active. You can easily use wooden furniture, trees, plants and tall objects in these areas. If you have a less planted landscape idea, you can choose the southwest and northeast directions, where the earth element is active. In this region, using more natural stone, rock and square surfaces will enable you to strengthen the effects of the elements.

The metal element represents guests, travel and helpful people. It would be correct to use the living room preference from the Northwest direction of the house. In this place, choosing metal accessories such as silver, gold bronze, and furniture with rounded lines in silver and gold tones allows you to activate the energy of this space. Thanks to the wide sliding doors and windows running along the east and south sides of the house, the sea view is actively used in the entire space. Thanks to the living room and terrace arranged in the southeast on the ground floor, the view, daylight and natural air are felt intensely in the space and the positive energy of the space is strengthened. One of the prominent details of the Miller House Project is that it can be perceived both from the inside and from the outside. This shows that a balanced, simple and at the same time luxurious design is possible. “Water” is determined as the main theme in the space. Water is an element that should be used frequently in spaces, as it strengthens the energy of abundance, success and wealth. Balancing the fire and earth element, the water element is generously placed to reinforce aspects where the homeowners are unlucky according to Feng Shui.

Using water elements in the north direction, where the water element is active, will feed the energy of success and abundance. Even a visual that includes a vessel filled with water with a stone, a ship and water figures will allow you to draw chi energy into this area.


Following the entrance of the house, the most important room of the house is the bedroom. There are countless ways to create better Feng Shui in the bedroom, but the main ways this can be accomplished is by eliminating distractions such as TV, computer, exercise equipment, books. The bed should be accessible on both sides and not directly in line with the door. The location of the bedrooms is preferred to be in the southwest direction. The reason for this is that the earth element, which represents the energies of love relationships and romance, is active in this direction. In the sample space, as in all other quarters, the bedrooms are arranged in the southwest with reference to the active element and its direction. In cases where you cannot place your bedroom in this direction, you can activate the chi energy by carrying the colors and elements of this element. For this, you can choose objects made of clay or ceramics, especially in your bedroom. Take care not to place decorative objects alone in this area. Objects and images containing swan and dolphin figures will create a wonderful energy.

The position of the mirror has a very important role in the bedroom as well as in the entrance hall. The best method for this is to not include a mirror in the bedroom, if possible. However, this may not always be possible in everyday life. In such cases, you can protect yourself from bad energy by positioning the mirror in an area other than the opposite of the bed. A good Feng Shui house is fueled by fresh, clean and freely flowing energy. There should be no stagnant, old or blocked energy anywhere in the house, so it's important to remove all clutter. Good, fresh Feng Shui energy expresses itself in a clean space, fresh air, lots of good light, and happy, meaningful energy. Every place where we live and spend our time contributes or harms our energy. If we consider our spaces as our areas of dominance, it is in our hands to manage them and therefore our life energy. The key to living our lives in a more peaceful and healthy way, attracting abundance to ourselves, and arranging our emotional relationships and social life, is to organize our lifestyle as well as the place we live in. By considering all these suggestions, you can ensure that your choice of space and object will bring prosperity to you and your life.



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