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Updated: Jun 5, 2023

How about going to a paradise in Yucatan? Especially when the summer months are approaching, we need more airy, calm places that resemble a seaside town. Let's examine Tulum's eclectic style, which includes many different styles such as rustic, boho and minimal.

This unique natural paradise, where tropical forests meet the Caribbean, attracts people with its natural and effortless appearance, simplicity and warmth. With the magic of the ancient Maya Civilization and the modernization of the simplest shelter culture, a completely different style emerges. The philosophy of wabi sabi, which has been influencing design trends for a long time, when combined with this style, creates a truly therapy space. This simple style, which has been practiced for years in hotels surrounded by the coast in Yucatan, uses natural components as they are. Of course, it is possible to find tropical style elements in this style, which is related to the tropical climate zone. However, this style is a little simpler, more rustic and bohemian than the tropical forest style with the softening effect of the sea. Click to review our Tropical Forest article.

If you want to create a beach effect in your home in beach Tulum, first turn to earth and neutral tones to create a striking contrast. Include items that combine natural materials such as wood, earth and natural stone with handcraft. The Yucatan Peninsula is very rich in natural resources, and therefore prefers the products of local artisans and designers, making use of natural materials for furniture and decoration. Whether you try to combine traditional rustic furniture and soft tones. Besides, combine organic materials with contemporary art and modern furniture. Embracing the aesthetics of the existing and the beauty of nature, which is one of the most important elements of the wabi sabi philosophy, and adding them to the space is a very prominent approach in this style. The most distinctive feature of these two styles, which have many common points, is that the Tulum style is more eclectic and rustic. This holiday concept, which is on our agenda with an ecological approach, adds objects from materials such as recycled glass and wood, linen fabrics, ceramic objects, cacti and more tropical plants.

Therapinterior Style Tips

  1. Focus on earth tones

  2. Use mainly linen fabric

  3. Make use of materials such as straw and jute in products such as lighting, rugs,

  4. Include handmade and vintage objects.

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