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Designing a Warm and Minimalist Space

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Here are the tips to make your space stylish, clean and attractive

For many of us, minimalism brings a sense of serenity to the space by highlighting the beauty of less. While the minimalist style has a reputation for being mostly functional and simple, it can still create a welcoming space. We've compiled the best tips for creating a space with minimal yet special character with Therapinterior design experts.


It's all about silhouettes. You should have a neutralizing piece in the space and make sure the scale is appropriate and proportional. To create a neutral focus, choose a large piece that has function, and then focus only on what's really necessary to make the space usable. Balance the space by adding texture without too much layering on top of that. Take care that the materials and fabrics used give a soft and warm feeling. Use a scheme rich in texture and color palette. Stay away from cold tones.

Minimal living room with artistic lighting and coffee-table focus
Image Credit: Sarah Ellison

No piece you use in the space should be placed randomly. Look for truly extraordinary, one-of-a-kind pieces you find in stores. Works can be antique, modern or contemporary. Mixing classic and contemporary design is often the preferred way to really warm up a space. Especially vintage pieces are ideal choices to bring a soul to the room. Proportions are very important, so working on a floor plan is extremely important. Create enough breathing space in the space so that a balanced and perceptible feeling of space and spaciousness can occur between the furniture and the artwork.

Balance the textures

The minimal design gives it a larger and more airy feel. It can also help a smaller space appear larger. Think quality over quantity. It's important that you love every element you add, as every piece will be in focus. They need to form a good language together. Texture creates depth and warmth, even if you're using a neutral palette. In all designs, the starting point is to consider the basis of the style of the house. If the architecture of the house is more modern and clean-lined, you can add a piece or two in the design that feels more organic and deeply detailed. If your home's structure is too textured, do the opposite and bring in a few clean-lined pieces.

Consider Every Item

Your walls should look flawless, even if it's not art, make sure it's clean paint. The less things to look at, the more you can focus on the flaws. Use comfortable fabrics such as a textured rug or velvet. You can have a minimalist palette with different textures in the same color. You can choose winter whites or creamy beige. We can recommend a natural floor such as wooden parquet with its warm texture. In addition, concrete cladding is an excellent flooring option for a minimalist environment.


Good lighting is essential to creating a beautiful minimal design. It is important that the lighting is designed to be layered in both indirect and direct lighting.

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Balance is key to choosing your material palette.

One way to give a feeling of liveliness and warmth to a minimal design is to integrate warm wood accents into the furniture and, of course, add plants. You can also add a custom fireplace with natural stone veneer to neutralize and simultaneously heat a space. Organic materials with elegant and simple details can enhance a space without competing with each other and create layers of texture to bring out the natural beauty of the space. You can turn to materials such as matte surface coatings, deep-textured stones, raw wood to soften the palette and create a more intimate sense of space rather than overly glossy surfaces.

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