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Miracle of Light

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Lighting is one of the most important elements in the interior design. Spaces designed around natural light sources, the increasing use of light-reflecting materials such as glass and metal, and smart lighting systems to better adapt to our natural rhythm are of great importance in increasing the healing energy of the interior.

Something as simple as natural light can provide tremendous health and wellness support. For this reason, the subject of lighting is given in detail in all space rehabilitation teachings. In addition, there are many studies emphasizing that natural lighting improves productivity, vitality, mood and general psychological health. It is incredibly important to our natural circadian rhythm.

Use sheer or light shades of curtains to take advantage of daylight as much as possible. Prefer spaces with large windows. Spending most of the day in these parts will strengthen your natural energy. If your window density is insufficient, take care to use as light tones as possible throughout the space. While the light tones allow the light to be reflected and diffused, the dark tones absorb the light and prevent you from making use of it. Open your windows every morning to let in air and natural light. Position your workspace close to windows.

Another important type of lighting that should be considered in the interior and that greatly affects our health is blue light. Blue light is a specific wavelength found in various light sources, from sunlight to electronic devices and artificial light to emitted light, especially led screens produce a lot of blue light.

Blue light boosts vitality and energy, so it's important during the day, but it can actually be quite harmful at night as it can suppress melatonin production and completely disrupt our sleep cycles. That's why it's important to keep blue light out of the bedroom as much as possible. For this reason, it is much more beneficial to prefer dim and warm effective lights in the evening hours.

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