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Cycladic Architectural Design

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

What do we love about the greek islands the most? In this article we will give some tips about this style that brings the organic minimal design texture of the Aegean, which carries the refreshing energies of summer to the interiors.

The purpose of modern green houses is to bring us back to nature and save us energy consumption.

We aim to make homes more eco-friendly with large openings, thicker walls, lots of plants around and even green terraces. And this is the basic idea of ​​​​the long-standing Cycladic interior style. Functionality brought by simplicity, convenience brought by functionality. This is what we all need in our busy lives.

  • Making use of built-in wardrobes in all homes and spaces because of saving space and functionality.

  • It is to create a sense of homogeneity by covering all surfaces, from built beds to bathrooms, with a special cement mixture in amorphous form.

  • Imperfect walls and arches have perfect symmetry without focusing on symmetry.

  • Cubic forms that increase functionality...

Although it is a style mostly preferred in summer and boutique hotels, for more information about this style that you can adapt to any space,

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