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7 House Features That Create Bad Feng Shui

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Feng shui practitioners know that there are a number of house features that can make it difficult to create good energy flow. Most of these involve basic layout issues related to the floor plan of homes. If you want to buy a new house, be careful to avoid a house with these negative feng shui features. If you live in a house with these challenging features, seek for feng shui cures to address these flaws as soon as possible.

Seven common feng shui problems include:

  • Front door directly aligned with back door

  • Staircase facing the front door

  • Bathroom facing the front door

  • Stairs in the center of the house

  • Bathroom in the center of the house

  • Having the bedroom above the garage

  • Long narrow corridor

Fortunately, once you identify these challenges for good feng shui, there are ways to deal with them as well.

01 Front Door Directly Aligned With Back Door

When applying feng shui, imagining Chi (energy) as water flowing into your space will help. If the entrance doors are aligned with each other, the water that will feed your space can flow without slowing down. It is especially important to avoid direct alignment of the front door with the back door, as such a configuration allows good feng shui energy to escape easily.

02 Staircase Facing The Front Door

The main door is called the “mouth of Chi” in feng shui because this is how the house draws in the Chi needed for energy supply. When a staircase faces directly at the main door, feng shui energy quickly rushes up or down the staircase, thus providing the necessary feng shui leaves the main ground without energy supply.

Here, too, solutions for a staircase facing the front door include key positioning of artwork, plants, and mirrors to direct the flow of energy throughout the home.

03 Bathroom Facing The Front Door

In feng shui, bathrooms are considered a place where energy moves away from the space, and therefore a bathroom facing the front door is a pretty serious feng shui problem as it encourages the immediate discharge of incoming nourishing energy. This is quite common in new homes built without considering the feng shui principles of the guest bathroom.

Yet even for this problem there are solutions, such as creating a strong focal point above the front entryway to divert energy away from the bathroom. In addition, making efforts to improve the feng shui in the bathroom will reduce this energy loss. 

04 Stairs In The Center Of A House

If you have a staircase at the center of your home or office – whatever the design, materials and colors, you may want to look into solutions for applying specific feng shui cures to balance the energy. As a general rule, the staircase in the center is not good for feng shui and requires some care and attention.

The center of a house is effectively the heart of that house, and a staircase in the center of a house tends to destabilize energy. Solutions for a central staircase require making sure the energy around it is completely grounded. For example, anchoring the space around the staircase with particularly meaningful artwork or family photos can help hold and stabilize the energy.

05 Bathroom in the Center of A House

A bathroom that symbolizes the energy flowing out and flowing out is inherently problematic when placed at the very center, the energetic heart of the home. There are several floor plans that are likely to create such bad feng shui.

Since feng shui sees the center of the house as its heart - also called the yin-yang point - your goal should be to keep this space open, light and in a form that contains a sense of beauty. In feng shui, the center of your home is also considered the area where all other guas receive energy.

One of the treatments for a bathroom in the center of the house is to pay attention to the air and light quality in the central bathroom.

06 Bedroom Over Garage

As a general rule, a bedroom over the garage is not considered good feng shui for two main reasons. Garages are spaces with a lot of 'in and out' movement that distorts energy, and for a bedroom this is the opposite effect. Second, a garage is typically a cluttered space, and clutter in any space also distracts energy. Combining the two problems, a bedroom located above the garage has an energy base that is too unstable to promote good relaxation and sleep.

This problem is very common and moving your bedroom to another location is a recommended solution. If that's not possible, treatments for a bedroom above the garage will focus on the combination of grounding available energy and improving air quality.

07 Long, Narrow Hallway

A long narrow hallway in the house is considered bad feng shui because it is a combination of rushing energy (sha chi) and stagnant energy (si chi). Here, solving the energy problems of a long, narrow hallway can often be tackled with simple decorating techniques. An important solution would be to channel some natural light into the hallway with the cunning use of mirrors.


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