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7 Keystones for Modern Tuscan Style

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Who wouldn't like a simple, peaceful and sophisticated style? We have compiled tips that will allow you to add to your space by modernizing this wonderful style that reflects the timeless elegance of the original and artistic Italian culture, which is also an inspiration for our recently designed stone house project.

Resembling a modest farmhouse or a medieval castle, authentic Tuscan style has a lot in common with rustic style and Belgian style. One of the best examples of the beauty of Italian culture, this style depicts traditional stone houses with hipped roofs, fields of sunflowers and a magnificent setting with views from lush hillsides filled with olive groves and vineyards.

#1 Elegance

The Tuscan style color palette includes earth tones, tile tones, deep oranges, yellows and reds. Traditional Tuscan homes feature dark wood ceiling beams and rich terracotta floor tiles. Furniture, on the other hand, is made of dark wood materials and light linen fabrics. The most important feature that attracts attention in all details, from decorative objects, pots and iron wrought iron to lighting, is "elegance".

When adapting this classic style to your home, be sure to give importance to quality in materials and workmanship. Trying to create a rustic vintage style with cheap materials can look artificial. While there are tips on how to transform your home into Tuscan style, often with Scandinavian-inspired light woods and minimalism, those who love this classic style can incorporate some of the essential elements of the Tuscan countryside into any area of ​​their home.

#2 Rustic

In a simple and rustic Tuscan farmhouse, dark tones of raw wood ceiling beams, wood window frames and furniture, tiled floor coverings, crisp white walls contrast with elegant and curved wrought iron headboards and balustrades. Even if you don't have these basic elements that will make a Tuscan home live, you can reflect this theme with a raw wood rustic table, artificial ceiling beams and a wrought iron decorative object.

#3 Praise to the Memories and Art

Although Tuscany is well known with its elegant simplicity, it is also influenced by Italy's classical understanding of art, Florence's artistic and cultural heritage, and its love for sculptures and decorative objects. Many Tuscan houses are decorated with oil paintings, gilded or painted mirror frames, and all manner of decorative objects passed down through the generations. You can place a family heirloom antique piece in your space. If you do not have such an opportunity, it would be useful to take a look at the stores that sell old or antique objects. Objects with memories are a great step towards creating a space that seems to have evolved over time, which is also the focus of the wabi sabi philosophy.

hand crafted baskets
Image Credit: One Kinds Design

#4 Flooring

In Tuscan bathrooms, rustic tiles and stone materials are mainly used. Floors and ceilings in white and creamy beige tones creates a calm and serene look. While this look can be difficult to recreate in a contemporary space, you can modernize it by incorporating free-standing tubs, natural stone or tile on the wall or floor of your bathroom, free-standing sinks, and new retro-style bathroom fixtures to create a timeless feel.

Tuscany house bathroom
Image Credit: La Casa de Fiori Bianchi Pool Suites

#5 More Earth

Hand-painted ceramics which create a scene in intricate patterns and vibrant colors are indispensable for Tuscan style. If your taste is more minimal, you can use earthy tones with less pattern and plenty of terracotta plates and ceramics. A simple earthenware pot or a handcrafted large ceramic bowl can create a Tuscan farmhouse feel, even in a thoroughly modern apartment.

Stone house with large arch windows with modern interior design
Image Credit: Vineyard House by Therapinterior

#6 Contemporary Tuscan Style

While modernizing the Tuscan home style, you can choose whites and pale neutrals to preserve the vernacular influence of this style, while brightening the color palette to create a more characteristic and airy effect. Although antique furniture is stylish and suitable for Tuscan style, unfortunately it is often insufficient to meet the comfort expectation. When it comes to the minimal approach, you can stay away from such aesthetic objects. Or you can sacrifice your comfort and use a few pieces of vintage objects. Contemporary pieces furnished with comfortable yet classical lines, details such as a carved mirror, a raw wooden coffee table can turn this style into a comfortable space.

Even in a completely minimal space, you can use wooden ceiling beams, one of the elements that best describe this style. If you cannot use wooden beams in the space, you can include aged or raw wood in furniture or decorative objects. You can adapt the Tuscan look to your space by modernizing it with raw wood and elegant metal details in the lighting, rustic curtains and modern furniture with comfortable seating in light tones.

Sunset view from a modern countryside porch
Image Credit: Stone House Project by Therapinterior

#7 Life In Open Air

Tuscan homes often have covered terraces and patios that offer shelter from the sun and open-air dining. If the climate of the region you live in is close to the Tuscany climate and you have a garden, you can get a great look by adding a warm product range to your space with wooden or metal details, rustic terracotta pots, chairs and tables that integrate with natural life. Check out our Urla Stone House project, inspired by this style!

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