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2023 interior trends

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

2022 brought with it many differences such as the exit from the pandemic and the process of adapting to new living conditions. The reflection of this acclimation process on interiors was on purity, simplicity and sustainability, such as introversion and wabi sabi. We can say that these themes continue in 2023. So, how about taking a look at the completely different interior trends this year?


With the adoption of minimalism in the past years, maximalism, which was kept in the background, is dominantly entering our lives this season. However, instead of traditional fine forms and patterns, which are distinctive features of the theme of maximalism, it combines with amorphous sculptural silhouettes to add depth to spaces. Recently, simplicity and neutral colors and minimalism have greatly influenced our lives, perhaps we are starting to need some color and pattern as a result. More? We've heard talk about "minimalism fatigue" lately, and we found ourselves fascinated by color and pattern. Glamor is such a catchy word in interiors right now. In the last few years, the trend towards maximalism has been increasing with the effect of the pandemic. Really romantic and dramatic colors, unusual textures and shapes, such as curves instead of angular and straight lines, become much more attractive. Bronze, Brass and gold platings come into our lives along with this sophisticated theme. We will share maximalism with you in more detail in the coming days.


Viva magenta, determined by Pantone, is one of the prominent accent colors of this year. In addition, red, emerald green, powder and gold colors will often appear.

Pantone Viva magenta
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White, which is the default of the minimalist approach, leaves its place to darker tones such as rust and green. As such, we move from bright and airy spaces to deep and sophisticated spaces that balance contemporary silhouettes with traditional elements. The rise of earthy, natural textures, which is the extension of the wabi sabi trend that we have seen frequently in the past years, continues. With Wabi sabin leaving the scene to maximalism, the shimmering tones of the earth begin to be used intensely. Gold is a great tone to accentuate interiors with a touch of pure luxury. The point that attracts particular attention this season: creating spaces saturated with colors. In other words, we will see volumes painted with a single tone from the wall to the ceiling.


The most distinctive feature of the 2023 trends is that they draw great inspiration from pieces with old energies. Natural materials, tiles, patina tiles and especially local products from Turkey, Morocco, Greece, France, India and Indonesia stand out. Old pieces such as Turkish pottery, rustic wooden stools, terracotta pots and more are used extensively in the spaces. You can catch the trend by randomly using these vintage and worn-looking objects in a room or garden.


Hand-painted details were everywhere last year. This year, the trend is walls furnished with pencil sketches, objects and textiles. Handcrafted and painted details appear on many surfaces, from pillows to tablecloths and furniture.


Rugs and carpets with irregular forms are striking designs created to have a different floor. These designs not only create an eye-catching effect, but also create a new design outline for spatial layout with their unusual forms. While the spatial boundaries are expected to be harmonious in standard carpet forms, it does not matter whether your space is curved, circular or angular in these designs. This type of irregular carpets determine the layout and border in all space types by taking its own form as a reference.

Adapting these trends in your own way by balancing currentity and timelessness can enliven your space. When applying trends, the goal is to create a new space that doesn't get old too quickly. Start with a basic design style and look for ways to place one or two trend-oriented elements in a space. May 2023 bring you all health, happiness and the most beautiful energies, stay with love until our next content!


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