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15 Most Popular Home Styles

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Do you know your favorite home style? These house styles have been forming the landscape of suburbs and cities for the past few hundred years.

Once you know your style, you will be able to imagine the perfect home of your dreams. You can either buy an old house or build one from scratch in your favorite style. If you want a newly built home that incorporates a past home style, check out some of the key features that set each home apart from the rest.

1. Cape Cod

Cape cod homes are quite common in suburban communities and became increasingly popular in the United States in the 1950s. The style was originally introduced by English settlers in the late 17th century and is named after the Massachusetts coast. These homes tend to be one and a half stories high and include skylights and a central door. The original design was inspired by English half-timbered houses from centuries ago, but the frame was modified to suit the New England climate.


Victorian architecture expresses an era of design rather than a specific style. Victorian homes were built during the reign of Queen Victoria from the early 1800s to the early 1900s. These homes tend to be larger and more elaborate, as the period is often associated with a rising middle class and growing wealth. Victorian architecture was influenced by several prolific architects and diverse cityscapes.

Some examples of a Victorian style house :

  • QueenAnne

  • Italian

  • Eastlake

  • Romanesque Revival

  • Gothic Revival

3.Colonial Style

Colonial style homes date back to the 17th century, and homes come in many variations. Each style was influenced by early American settlers, depending on their country of origin, and homes often feature symmetry and some form of dormer. More commonly, you'll see examples of British or Georgian colonial style homes as much of America was under British rule in the early period.

You can also find these colonial styles:

4.Arts and Crafts

The Craftsman style home emerged during the Arts and Crafts movement in the early 20th century. These houses specifically focus on nature-inspired materials and motifs. You'll often find natural-toned woodwork, geometric stained glass, and a few built-in pieces. The color palette of the Craftsman style home tends to be earthy in nature and includes hues such as forest green, rusty orange and natural browns.

5. Praire

This style of home was originally built by Frank Lloyd Wright, an innovative turn of the century architect. The houses are inspired by their relationship with nature and include many handcrafted details such as simple woodwork, stained glass and built-in furniture. This style of home was heavily influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, but differs from craftsman style homes. There are only a handful of original homes, but the style is still an iconic example of architecture that originated in America.

6. Ranch

Farmhouses are one-story or two-story homes that began to appear in the United States in the first half of the 20th century. In the 1930s, people built these houses inspired by the Spanish colonies in the Southwest. Later examples of these houses are sometimes confused with mid-century modern houses, as they share certain characteristics. Generally, ranch-style homes have open floor plans and are connected to the outside.


Tudor style homes are easily recognizable and take inspiration from historic homes in England. This style of home became popular in wealthy suburban communities in the early 20th century. You will also find newer subdivisions using this style in homes built within the last forty years.

8. Mediterranean

This popular style was influenced by homes in the Mediterranean and became popular in the Southern United States in the early 1900s. Homes often feature warm tones, plaster facades, and beautiful ornamental details incorporated into the tile and woodwork.


It's easy to confuse modern homes with contemporary ones, but the easiest way to tell the difference is to look at who built the home and when. Mid-century modern homes were built from the 1940s to the 1970s. Conversely, contemporary homes were not built until decades later. Modern homes are often minimal in style and feature simple, geometric lines.


As you learned above, modern architecture was built in the mid-20th century, while contemporary homes are still being built today. Contemporary homes can vary greatly, but they tend to combine interior design with exterior design so there is a sense of flow. The style can be minimal, while the edges can be soft and rounded.


Farmhouse style home is a modern interpretation of a home located on plenty of land. These houses have been built for centuries and often help families live on the land, so to speak. Old farmhouses come in a variety of other design styles, such as Victorian or Colonial. However, many farmhouses were built in a more local style with simple details.


Modest cottage-style homes originated in Europe and are part of the local architecture of several small towns and villages. Huts are defined by their small size and are usually lined with stone or wood. Many of these homes are located in rural communities and have an old world charm.


Small wooden huts have been built by the locals for several hundred years. This primitive building style originally consisted of modest one-room houses in the forest. Today, people build modern cabins as their primary residence in rural or even suburban settings for aesthetics.

14.Row Houses

Small wooden huts have been built by the locals for several hundred years. This primitive building style originally consisted of modest one-room houses in the forest. Today, people build modern cabins as their primary residence in rural or even suburban settings for aesthetics.

15.Greek Revival

The Greek Revival and other classical architecture in America were inspired by buildings in ancient Greece and Rome. You can find several ancient Greek Revival houses and buildings with large columns, plaster facades, and classical order details.


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