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the stunning red sofa and the reflection of the abstract entrance lighting at the mirror

Feng Shui


Good Feng Shui house layout has a significant impact on lifestyle and health, creating harmonious exterior and interior design that Feng Shui home for wealth. Designing pleasant and well balanced environment and properly organizing living space will attract good luck, prosperity and health in your life.

You can have excellent feng shui decor in any style, because in a nutshell, feng shui decorating means you know exactly which colors, shapes, images and specific decor items to use in specific areas of a home.

With our profesional architecture and Feng Shui knowledge, you can have good Feng Shui in any style and in any space without disturbing the visual energy of the space. Please just send us your place info and choose the issue that you want to focus on (love,health etc.)

the architects hand on the architectural drawings of the design project
a girl standing on concrete stairs with a beautiful zen garden view



It's undeniable fact that the space you live in has an important effect on your perception, your energy and your psychology. For this reason, it would be a useful approach to consider the place according to the feelings it creates on you, rather than just thinking its aesthetical or functional aspects. Theoretically, you can clearly observe how important effects in your life by adapting the modernized ZEN, KANSO and FUSUI to your spaces.


Please send us the direction of the room and other required information, and  let us do the magic effect by designing your space according to "Zen"!

a girl standing on concrete stairs with a beautiful zen garden view
wabi sabi living room and dining room design in ibiza, with its rattan pouffs and dark wood ceiling coverings.

vastu shastra

The Fascinating Architectural Science of India  

Vastu is an ancient science which is highly practiced for better living. Every corner of the house reflects their energies on you and your family. Though in most of the modern building and apartments proper Vastu application is not possible, but there are correctional remedies to suit the house. You can live a blissful life by living in a Vastu designed home, problems are bound to take place, but the Vastu design can help you to escape the worst scenarios.

Just send us the direction and information of your room, and let us design your space by Vastu.

wabi sabi living room and dining room design in ibiza, with its rattan pouffs and dark wood ceiling coverings.
modern japandi interior design with a beautiful mountain view in winter


Are you ready to be simple and free?

Has your place become tiring and heavy on you?

If you want to bring simplicity into your life, Iscandinavian Lagom and Hygge philosophies will make your life easy, cosy and warm.

By the help of Isandinavian interior design principles, you can to relax, you can take a peaceful and simple life for yourself.

Lagom and Hygge are the point of view that directs your life beyond space design.

Let's design your space with the philosophy of minimalism.

a view from mirror of luxury modern apartment design
terracotta shelves design by therapinterior, creates a happy and live energy with its soft natural color scheme



The color preference in your living space is the direct reflection of your personality. Even if most of us don't spend some time for thinking about the colors we use in our decoration, colors affect our mood, emotions, movement and thoughts for all the time. Bringing together in harmony with the space, the colors reflecting your own personality and choosing the tones you want to make a right impression will bring great changes in your life.

The choice of color scheme directs the psychology of people living in the house.


In this design, natural and contemporary details were processed in every area. Materials reflecting the natural effect were interpreted in a contemporary way.
Vineyard House 
Lunghezza, Castelverde, Rome


We work with our design team to realize the full potential of your space. Our team, which is highly educated in the fields of architecture, design and art, designs the space holistically with a global understanding. Whether you re-imagine a room or your entire home, inside or outside, we'll bring your vision to life. Leave us your information and our designers will contact you within 24 hours.

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