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Traditional Christmas House

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about New Year's Eve is the pine tree. How about adding the deep green of the pine tree and the vast depth of the pine forests to your space?

The prominent details of the concept of the beauty of nature are organic forms and some rustic details.The tones of nature come to the fore in this concept.

A table decorated with dry branches, a linen tablecloth, a wooden table and metal objects will reflect this concept in the best way.

All the tones in the space consist of green, earth tones and red tones.The prominent feature of this theme, which is one of the closest themes to the traditional Christmas concept, is the intense use of wood.

Imagine a peaceful chalet.Everything is natural and a reflection of nature.This year's featured animal is the cow!It is the right time to add a warm and peaceful energy to your space with tree decorations in the form of cows!

The traditional christmas theme is a modest trend where materials are used in their natural shape.You can use colors inspired by nature with vibrant greens.Handcrafted woodwork is one of the most prominent details in this theme.

Materials for this theme: Dried flowers, bark and grass combined with metals.

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