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Tips for couples working from home

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Many of us found ourselves working from home for another year during this period, and we struggled to make our home more productive and enjoyable. How we are making the most of our space for a couple working from home...

window front desk with natural view in home office

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Increasing the function of every room One of the biggest mistakes we make in planning is trying to make every room multifunctional. Although it makes sense in theory, this causes us to create an environment that breaks our motivation to work in practice. Because when we determine our working areas, we inevitably turn to the places where we feel most comfortable at home. But to solve this problem, we need to respect the function of each room. The office room is for working, the kitchen is for cooking, the living room is for after-hours entertainment, etc. Previously, our house, which was already short of space, was getting smaller and smaller because there was no unused area. However, it would still be wise to set up a tech station outside the door for phones and smartwatches and leave electronic devices out of the bedroom so that our bedroom can function as a place of rest and relaxation.

Using wall calendar Although it serves an aesthetic purpose rather than optimal functionality until you get used to it, making a wall calendar with your spouse will help you use the office space effectively. The biggest advantage of this application is that you create a corner where you and your spouse can look to see who needs an office and plan yourself at the same time.

warm office desk with computer

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Making investment for a comfortable desk chair Although we do not feel like investing in our office room to really limit ourselves to a single area for most of the day, it would be rational to evaluate the most suitable alternatives for our physical health. Maybe a swivel chair that fits your body, or a wooden chair with soft cushions to match your home style...

Adding morning and afternoon walks to work You may have noticed how long walks affect our energy and productivity levels. A little vitamin D and fresh air is good for the body and mind. We can make it a habit to take our phone meetings for walks, which do not require us to be at the desk. We can change our space together at 2-3 specific times of the day and do some exercise.

Having an armchair or ottoman for reading corner

We can create a comfortable space by adding a reading chair in the office room or a comfortable sofa by the window without dispersing our concentration in other places due to our desire to change places while working, not wanting to sit in the chair all the time.


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