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7 Coolest Hints About Belgian-Style Interiors

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

How would you like to bring the elegant and timeless reflections of Belgian culture to your space? Let's take a look at the spatial approaches of Belgian Style.

White and bright belgian apartment
Image Credit: 2LG Studio

One of the best things about global design is that it offers to imagine, design and recreate a space in so many different ways. Different cultural approaches can create spaces that seem classical but differ in details with modern patterns and minimal colors with a global touch. One of the best examples of global style that strikes a balance between the traditional and the contemporary is the Belgian Style. More striking than Shabby Chic and a little more masculine than Swedish Style, Belgian-inspired spaces offer rustic yet original and peaceful details in every inch.

What Are the 7 Characteristics of the Belgian Style?

Belgian style building exterior
Image Credit: Lefevre Interiors
  • Neutral color palette

  • Raw, unfinished wood

  • Different textures

  • Antique furniture

  • Matte and loose fabrics

  • Polished metals

Belgian style building exterior
Image Credit: Lefevre Interiors

So How to Design a Belgian-Style Space?

White and light wood perfectly matched living room
Image Credit: Lauren Gilberthorpe Interiors

Belgian-style decoration is all about restrained elegance. It combines rustic elements with modern aesthetic to create a space easy to implement and eclectic, yet cozy and comfortable.

A living room with a white high ceiling
Image credit: Yoanna Kulas

#1: Color

White and wide livingroom
Image Credit; Dwell

Opt for a soft and neutral color palette. Soft browns, white stripes and all kinds of grays go perfectly with this style. Don't worry if you can't include bold and bright hues. Focus and depth are also created with texture. In Belgian style, vibrant colors are used to draw attention to individual elements and define the concept.

#2: Texture

Natural fibers such as linen, wicker and weathered wood add dimension to this space style. Shiny metals will add depth to the space.

Window armchair in a belgian style house in the morning sun
Image Credit: mallorymathisoninc

#3: Furniture

Think clean and simple lines that are clutter-free. However, it shouldn't be boring. Mix antique cabinets, chairs and benches with strong lines from raw woods with modern items (pieces that mix wood and metal are especially great). Upholstered pieces should be comfortable and soft, as well as strong and characteristic. You can achieve this line by using loose fabrics and comfortable pillows.

#4: Accessories
A white eclectic belgian living room
Image Credit: Tamsin Johnson

Incorporate as much nature into the space as possible. Wicker baskets, fireplace log piles, wooden bowls and faux moss are great decorative accents. Include elegant and fine details. When it comes to art, you can take a simple stance. You can avoid strong colors and use a neutral color palette.

Do not create excessive clutter, but do not resist the urge to fill the empty spaces with something. Belgian style is simple and eclectic, so a few well-chosen accessories will create a much better combination aura than big and extra items.

Belgian Style by Seasons

The light, eclectic and peaceful look of Belgian style decor is especially suitable for the summer months, but it can be prepared for winter with a few simple glides.

Living room with fireplace with wooden ceiling in cream and coffee tones
Image Credit: lefevre design

When the cold starts, make the furniture warm and comfortable with covers and pillows in neutral tones. Bring together soft cashmere, textured knits and different and soft textures. Add ivory candles to table surfaces and windowsills to add a warm glow. For a warmer environment, you can use plain patterned carpets in neutral tones on top of each other at different angles.

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