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The best colors to renovate your home in the summer

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

While summer is approaching, it's time to start thinking about freshening up your home. Check out this list of over 10 cheerful paint colors that are perfect for the summer season. From creative hues for home offices to calming hues for living rooms, if you're ready to get in the mood for next season, take a look at the trendiest colors chosen by Therapinterior designers for you.

Peach Pink

We like the balance of a little pink, a little orange for a youthful and happy feeling. You can use this tone to create a really fun energy in the bedroom, teen room, toilet or any area.

Earthy-toned greens

Nothing can make you feel the liveliness of summer more than a vibrant shade of green. Tones such as bright emerald greens, mint green, sage green remind of lush fields, tropical trees, flowering forests. The key to awakening the energy and vitality of summer is to be bold and choose a bold tone.

Warm Tones

The brownish tones of red maintain their trend effect this summer as well. It can give a great energy even in multi-functional areas such as living room and kitchen. Since it is from a dominant color group, take care to set the light balance of the space well.

Melon Color

Melon, one of the most popular fruits of summer, always has an energy that reminds freshness in the place.

melon color living room
Photo: Jonathan Lo_Dapine

Cobalt Blue

The best solution to add Mediterranean breezes to your space is to choose the brightest tones of blue with white tones. You can find all the tips for a Mediterranean style home decoration here.

Calm Blue

Nothing makes a space feel more relaxing than soft blue. It creates a sense of serenity and energizes the space as sunlight streams in. We like to use this color especially in bedrooms. A tone that changes with the light and feels soft and peaceful even though it is included in the cold color group.

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