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Prepare your home for winter

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

How about warming up a little?

Although we can no longer experience the seasons fully, we understand that winter has come as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. This brings the need for rest and warmth. So, are our places ready for winter? Let's examine what we can do to create a warm and comfortable place with the trends of this winter!

•Use warm colors

Earth tones, the trend of last year, continue to dominate this season. By neutralizing cinnamon, brown, camel tones with white and black, you can create a modern and at the same time warm effect.

Artistic touch Although the imperfect surfaces of raw masses, with the effect of wabi sabi, the trend of the last season, show their effect this season as well, the most distinctive feature is the incorporation of elegant and artistic details into the space. You can actually think of it as a transition. Bring out the contrast between raw and perfectly constructed objects.

•Textured walls You can add depth to your space with a self-textured wallpaper or a relaxing and peaceful piece of art that you can use on the wall.

•Throws and Blankets

Place throws that add color and texture to the space, and blankets that fit your space, as a sofa cover as well as their warming effect.

Change the fabrics

Instead of airy fabrics such as linen, which we use a lot in the summer, prefer a little more wool and cotton textured fabrics. We can say that the thicker and coarser the texture of sheepskin and texture is among the rising trends this winter, the better.

•Switch to heavy curtains

This part is a bit related to pleasure, but when winter fabrics are mentioned, we see that fabrics that are a little heavier and that cut the light are used in coupon curtains. In general, Velvet is among the preferred ones.

Solid materials

The general texture character of this winter season is a little more solid and impermeable than the others. We seem to hear what you are saying:) Instead of transparent glass in the materials of objects and furniture, you can include solid textures such as translucent or non-transparent materials, ceramics, wood and stone in the space.

Add a dramatic lighting

Lighting alone can change the whole perception in a space. You can add a table lighting with a vintage title in organic forms to your console. If you want to add a little retro touch, you can place the floor lighting next to the side table and create a reading corner.

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