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Maison à l'infini

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

A serene and spacious place with a view of the Alps. With this charming house designed by Therapinterior in the Côte d'Azur, we will examine the design trends in the light of zen philosophy.

A house integrated with peaceful nature in the Alps of the Côte d'Azur Maritimes. In order to feel its magnific nature as much as possible, minimal approach has been adopted in the architectural design process.

In order not to miss the whole view and benefit of daylight as much as possible, the full height glazing window systems has been used on the facades of the infinity pool section. While concrete coatings in earth tones and wood have been used on the façade, in the terrace bronze reflective metal details on the roof carriers and aluminum joinery have been applied.

The house have four bedrooms and a study room. By designing the lounge area in the garden, integrated with nature a retreat atmosphere has been created in the open area. In addition, the infinity pool, which gives the house its name, and the magnificent reflections of the sky, created a three-dimensional feeling of nature from outside and inside. There sunbathing areas and a dining area around the pool have been designed. The floor of this area is covered with a concrete floor covering compatible with the exterior of the building.

Retro - futuristic touches

In the living and dining area, an iconic camaleon terracotta velvet sofa and beige linen-textured wooden base armchairs have been used together with a travertine coffee table. As contrasting element to this texture, a metal amorphous surface sculptural side table has created a focal point in the space.

In the dining area, sculptural ancient roman armchairs have been brought together with a wooden amorphous table. With its elegant and aesthetic details, the piano transformed the whole atmosphere into an artistic interior accompanied by music. Wall sculptures have been placed on both opposite walls to add visual focus and spatial identity. In the living area, the three-dimensional wall sculpture Avalon in terracotta tones matching with the sofa has been a great choice to to add depth and interest to this interior.

In the dining area, a circular Sunset artwork has been selected for this area in midnight blue tones matching with the concrete walls, creating a balance with the organic forms of the dining table and chairs.

In the bathroom, as a continuation of the exterior combination of wood and concrete look materials have been used. In this area, a floor-to-ceiling window has been designed by positioning in the corner.

Contrary to the minimal details in the bedroom, natural textures have been used as much as possible. Walnut floor covering and earth-toned walls created a serene atmosphere. On the large headboard, .a soft linen textured drape-effect surface has been designed.

In the study, a glass table with metal legs and a walnut textured matte finish console have been preferred. To strengthen the focus in this area, the use of natural light has been kept in the maximum level. Right next to the bookcase, a reading corner has been created with a plush retro armchair and pouf.

With our design team, we work for the bring out the full potential of your spaces. Our professional team in architecture, design and art consider each the space holistically with a global understanding. Leave your information and our designers will contact you within 24 hours.


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