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Key to Healing Interior Design

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Does our home bring us healing? It is actually not very difficult to turn our space into a healthy shelter. How about adapting the suggestions developed by thousands of years of space rehabilitation disciplines to increase the healing energy in spaces, by blending them with the latest trends and allowing your home to really heal you?

a peaceful fireplace
Image Credit: Zara Home

Environmental psychology has a history of thousands of years. Space rehabilitation is not only a discipline that deals with interiors as decorative or fashion, but also a research area that explores designing it in a way that makes the residents healthy, happy and peaceful, and supports the development of many areas such as family relations, travel and personal development. In the Ottoman Empire, in China with Feng Shui, in India with Vastu Shastra, in Japan with Zen, and in Northern Europe with Hyyge, Lykke, space rehabilitation has been studied for many years and suggestions have been developed.

In addition to space rehabilitation teachings, we mostly base what we know about environmental psychology on neuroscience and psychology. Numerous studies show that certain design elements evoke positive or negative emotions in people. These findings often shed light on triggering positive emotional responses and creating a healthy and pleasant space. In this article, we cover everything you need to know to live in a place that makes you happy and free from toxins.

The term “healthy home” encompasses all interior components, from the built environment to architecture, paint, lighting, furniture, curtains, carpets and rugs. Designing a happy and healthy home is synonymous with designing a healthy life. A healthy life is about living passionately and designing a life you love. It's about being happy with your life. It's about relaxing your surroundings and feeling happy in your own home. It is about harmony and balance. You can spread healing and peace energies in your life with a happy and healthy energizing house.

No matter where you are in your own wellness journey, whether you are extremely fit, trying to prevent or recovering from an illness, you can design a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of the conditions, it is possible to design your space to reflect the energy of happiness in your life.

Even small touches can make a big impact. First of all, discovering what brings you joy and what is good for your health is the first condition of a place that brings health and healing energy. Because although there are rules that have been researched and determined in ancient teachings about healing, your tastes, preferences, needs and goals determine the framework of space healing. For this reason, the spaces created by these teachings create unique, powerful and special energies for you.


A living room with a large window and high ceiling
Image Credit: Tuca Reines

Plants are living objects that nourish and radiate chi and bring auspicious energy. They symbolize life energy and create a fresher atmosphere. For this reason, they have a very important place in the space not only aesthetically, but also in terms of energy.

Having a lot of greenery in your homes is an effective and easy way for our health. It has tons of health benefits, from improving air quality to regulating humidity. They also boost your mood in the most natural way. Studies have shown that they can reduce stress levels, improve memory and increase concentration, and filter volatile organic compounds and some pollutants.

Plants are wonderful and inexpensive design items that can liven up even the dullest or coldest spaces. Considering the colors of flowering plants, you can add them to your design. According to feng shui and Vaastu Shastra teachings, you can place plants according to the energy they reflect. Feng Shui suggestions include chrysanthemum to spread the energy of happiness, jasmine for love, orchid and lotus for regeneration energy. Orchids and aloe vera are perfect for the bedroom because, unlike most plants, they emit oxygen even at night. Plants with small succulents are suitable for the home office, snake plant and dracaena for the living room. Don't forget the bathrooms, bamboo, ferns or philodendron may be preferred in wet areas.


A lively and peaceful living room
Image Credit: Zara Home

Plants alone may not be enough for the aura of the place to be healing. It is very important to ventilate the space and idealize the humidity balance in all space rehabilitation disciplines.

For this, natural ventilation must be provided well in the space. Let fresh air flow through your window several times a day. In places where natural ventilation cannot be provided, you can obtain moisture balance devices. A balanced indoor air humidity prevents skin from becoming dry or dehydrated, reducing the risk of infection and transmission of viruses and bacteria, and is also great for sinus health.

A woman resting on a couch in a living room with a large window
Image Credit: Zara Home

Your home is your safest haven, but sometimes it can be a source of health threats and an energy vampire. Eco-friendly designs are the best choices to create the ideal healthy environment in your home. In particular, be careful not to use paints and surface coatings that contain volatile organic compounds that emit gases and can harm your eyes and respiratory system.

Save energy wherever possible, from eco-friendly kitchen appliances to energy-efficient lighting. Using organic and natural materials is also an important feature of green design.

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