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How to Use Mirrors for Good Feng Shui?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Mirrors are objects that can do wonders when used correctly. With smart use, mirrors make the spaces larger and brighter, attracting the energy of life, abundance and tranquility to your spaces.

Main Entrance Mirrors

Bright and natural entrance
Image credit: Lulu and Georgia

Besides giving light to small entrances, it is one of the areas we use the most before going out. However, the important point to be considered in the use of entrance mirrors is that you should place the mirrors in such a way that they are not directly opposite the door.

Living Room Mirrors

If you make the right choice and placement, you will feel the many benefits of mirrors in your living rooms. You can create a very striking gallery wall and also create good Feng Shui. Make sure the mirrors are hung not just for use, but high enough and large enough to reflect perfect light, and are in the right bagua area.

Dining Room Mirrors

a spacious and luxury living room and dining room with a large mirror
Image Credit: Beykoz Apartment by Therapinterior

The use of mirrors in the dining room increases the energy of abundance, attracting money and abundance. It also allows more light in the space, which is always good for Feng Shui.

Fireplace Mirrors

Using a large mirror above the fireplace is one of the most common places. From a Feng Shui point of view, it calms the fire element and gives it a calmer energy. If your fireplace is in the bagua area, it is especially necessary to apply it.

Bathroom Mirrors

wabi sabi bathroom and spa
Image Credit: Ibiza Rocca L'lisa by Therapinterior

The use of mirrors in the bathroom is one of the necessities. If only your bathroom is located in the bagua area, you may prefer to choose smaller mirrors in your bathrooms. Apart from that, large mirrors refresh the light around them and have a cleansing effect.

Bedside Mirror

Using a mirror above the bed is not good for Feng Shui. In addition to the feeling of heavy objects, mirrors do not provide a healthy sleep environment as they create too much energy circulation.

Mirror Facing the Bed

Regardless of what, it is a place to be avoided in the use of mirrors.

Symbolic Meanings of Mirrors in Feng Shui
asymmetrical mirror
Image credit: Ferm Living

Mirrors are reflections of the water element and attract abundance. Especially in the money area, the use of a large mirror will have a successful effect. Of course, it is necessary to be careful in this, if your money area is in a place such as a bathroom or dressing room, it will not be useful to hang a large mirror here.


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