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How to Decorate Your Home for Fall

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Decorating for fall is one of the best parts of the season. Changing a few everyday items and adding a few seasonal items will instantly change the look and feel of your home without requiring lengthy, expensive investments. Many items look good in the winter and some even year-round (the entryway and decorative pillows), so you won't be putting them down as quickly as you put them in. The trick is to bring it all together in your living spaces.

Getting Started with Fall Decorating

There are many ways to breathe autumn into your home. Whether you're interested in going overboard with gourds around every corner or aren't sure where to start, there are a few important decorating techniques to keep in mind.

  • Change Daily items. Seasonal decor doesn't have to be tacky or just holiday-oriented. If you're not the type to buy black cat motifs, pumpkin-print towels, and turkey placemats, no problem! Instead, replace items like your napkins or plates with classic fall hues like ocher, burgundy, and amber.

  • Add seasonal flowers and greenery. Add a wreath of fall leaves or eucalyptus for another seasonal touch.

  • Rearrange and add little touch. Sometimes, rocking your mundane routine can help you fall. Move your side table, pull out your fluffiest blankets and throw pillows from your closet and put them in an easy-to-reach basket. Swap out your everyday bedding set for warmer linens in warm colors. Or do something as simple as making a pot to change the smell of your home.

To help you choose your fall decor choices, we've rounded up our must-have items to put together your perfect fall home. Complete two missions with a read by finding inspiration and purchasing your favorite items below.

Add Organic Touch

Fill your home with pumpkins and gourds, but finish the look with seasonal plants. You may have laid your garden, but fall certainly doesn't have to be a plant-free season. Branches, berry-covered wreaths, and straw bundles are just some of the ways to bring the outdoors in during the harvest season. It may be colder outside, but these seasonal touches will make everything feel cozy.

Embrace Autumn Colors and Patterns

Wallpaper can add a dramatic statement to any room, but it has long been out of reach for renters and commitment-phobes alike. Enter removable wallpaper. A stylish solution, wallpaper gives you the flexibility to change your style seasonally and makes your space look truly finished.

Make the Entire Space Feel Comfortable

Changing pillows, curtains and blankets is a great way to refresh your space any season. While we won't be able to curl up in our comfy sofas all day, you can make your place as inviting as possible when you have some home time. Soft knit covers and plush accent pillows will turn your home into a warm and fluffy sanctuary.

Warm up your table

A little customization goes a long way. Whether you trade your everyday white plates for some mustard colored plates or your favorite statement bowl for fall mugs, these little changes won't go unnoticed. Nothing meets fall with open arms like a perfect table view and flatware.


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