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Designing A House Inspired By Swiss Chalets

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Therapinterior tackles a topic with a select group of designers from around the world working on luxury homes every week.In this article, we examine how you can create a Swiss chalet atmosphere at home.

There is a different kind of heartwarming energy in a traditional Swiss chalet, immediately reminiscent of all the cozy charm of a lovely little cottage in the woods.Whether it's the sloping roofline, the wood construction, the painted and louvered windows, or the perfectly planted flowers, this style almost reflects the ultimate rustic design, whatever its appeal.

Traditional Swiss chalets, besides interacting with European countries, the design sense reaches far. Taking your cue from this type of authentic home doesn't have to imply a genuine comment. Here are tips from our design experts for transforming your interiors into Swiss chalet style in both classic and modern ways.

Keep Warm and Comfortable

“The design inspired by the Swiss Chalet actually goes back to our connection with nature. The original chalets were simple, modest structures built on farmland to house farm workers as they moved seasonally from one area to another, depending on the seasonal demands of the farm animals. These structures were as functional as they could be in their origins, but have become less utilitarian and more romantic over time. Of course, today's chalets have become much larger and more luxurious, but they have a nostalgic and romantic theme, reflecting nature's original sensual charm and basic lines.

Wood and more wood

Wood is really enough to define this style by itself.Swiss chalets are often built from locally grown trees.And it has a layout around a fireplace.Fireplaces are very important to this concept;floors are often covered with rugs and seating is covered with blankets.It's all about being comfortable inside.The more traditional Swiss Chalet is a style heavily influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement, with windows or balustrades featuring hand-carved wood details and other architectural elements.

If you want to stay true to the Swiss chalet philosophy, the walls and ceilings should remain in their all-natural wood state. However, today homeowners often want to replace it with other natural materials such as stone or cast concrete, and of course with large glass windows. However, when hard materials such as concrete and stone and low heat retention are used instead of wood, it may be necessary to create layers with rugs, wool and blankets to increase the temperature of the space.

“I would always choose a color palette that reflects the natural origins of the Swiss chalet. A monochrome palette of rich reddish browns, smoky grays or taupe are some of the possibilities. “Emphasis is very important to achieve this type of design. Traditionally, the Swiss chalet is an extremely homely space. Highlights and layering are key to bring warmth. A contemporary woven fabric wall hanger would come in handy. Emphasis should also be placed on accented blankets and pillows that give the home a textured, cozy feel.

Retain Authentic Charm

The key to pulling off this look is to feel comfortable, shabby and old-fashioned. Given the current state of the world, people are looking for a way back to a more peaceful and happy time. For this reason, the feeling of comfort and peace is very important in space design. Check out this article for that.

There seems to be a trend towards a more contemporary look in chalet design. However, these spaces have a somewhat industrial feel, but we do not recommend condensing industrial details. Because this is an element that can reduce the comfort effect. We love the layered and luxurious interiors that bring the outdoors in. For this, you can consider comfortable furniture and intimate seating arrangements.


We prefer textured walls or natural recycled woods. Most chalets are actually wooden, so wallpaper isn't really viable. Instead, you can opt for accent paint layers such as mirrors and botanical prints.

Color Selection

Color is often very personal, regardless of space style. And it should really reflect you. For this reason, by watching our video on chromotherapy as well as styles and trends in color selection. Decide which color best reflects you.

In this concept, Therapinterior designers like to combine vibrant colors as they often contrast well with the winter environment.We also prefer pale grays and blues for a calmer and more soothing palette.

"Comfort is the key to this look."

Big comfy sofas and lots of poufs and chairs.Creating family time where everyone needs a place to sit and feel welcome is one of the philosophies of this style.We always feature antiques, Black Forest details, French porcelain, Mexican, Peruvian and Ottoman fabrics, 18th century portraits, Italian and Swiss chests and Russian winter landscapes in our work.

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