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Creating a Pet Friendly Environment

Design your home with your pet in mind

Many homeowners have a pet as a family member. Pets are a great guide for any family, especially if you have small children. They teach children and young people about responsible and unconditional love. Studies show that pets help build a child's immune system and are great for warding off flu and colds.

a delightful cat
Image Credit: Gaelle Marcel

It is an undeniable fact that cats, dogs and birds are actually compatible with the natural environment. However, we are able to offer a much more peaceful living space at home, as they cannot always find a place to eat and shelter in city life. But do our homes really make them happy? Of course, it is not possible for us to organize our homes completely for our pets, but considering some details from the beginning can make our lives and their lives much more enjoyable. In this article, we offer some decorations and furniture and suggestions to improve the layout of your home, taking into account your pet.

Use pet-friendly materials to decorate your home

If you have a dog or cat in your home, a large trinket or vase is most likely to be damaged. If there are breakable objects that you cannot give up, carefully review the points where you place such products. If you do not have such an object, it is possible to use wood, metal or paper raw materials instead of materials such as glass, porcelain, and long-term use. At the same time, you will prevent your little friend from being injured in case of breakage.

A cute dog sitting on her bed
Image Credit: Jamie Street

Rug selection

While products like scratching boards may be soothing for cats' nails, no one can guarantee that your cat won't scratch your rug. For this reason, instead of expensive rugs, you can choose products that you can change quickly or that are not easily deformed. Jute or sisal carpets are pet-friendly products with their natural components and non-perishable structure. Jute rugs have a texture that your cat will love with its knit surface.

woman playing with a kitten
Image Credit: Christin Hume

Buy some furniture for pets

A cat staring at its toy
Image Credit: Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Painting and decorating isn't the only way to personalize your home. The combination of furniture and products suitable for the lifestyle of you and the people you share your home with reveals the unique texture of your home. Pet owners can turn to pet friendly to complement their interior design as well as being functional such as a cat tree, a nice dog bed, wall-mounted climbing racks for cats. Although there are many different designs in these areas, it is not always possible to make designs suitable for your pet. For this reason, you can attach importance to the product sizes and materials you will add to your space, suitable for the height and age of your cat and dog.

Seating Elements and Fabrics

A pug dog slacking on top of a couch
Image Credit: Sarandy Westfall

Possibility of damage after fragile items The highest piece is a fine fabric armchair with wooden details. Materials with no scratch resistance or an easily deformed It will be very difficult for you to use fabrics with your pet for a long time. For this reason, when choosing chairs, armchairs and sofas, first of all, examine products with durable and easy-to-clean materials. Among them, you can design your space with seating elements with the most suitable design style for you. Instead of wicker and rattan detailed furniture, opt for metal accents. As for fabrics, genuine or artificial leather, velvet, microfiber and canvas fabrics are the ones that are most suitable for pets.

Pet hair cannot stick to the smooth surface of real or artificial leather material. And at the same time, it provides ease of use as it is durable and wipeable. The surface of the leather material wears out over time, so the material allows the scratches caused by your pet's nail marks to disappear on its own. While velvet looks luxurious and delicate, velvet has good resistance to wear and tear caused by pets, thanks to its tight weave and low pile. The short fibers prevent odors and liquids from penetrating, and pet hair and dirt can be easily brushed off the surface.

A woman hand feeding her dog in a peaceful home
Image Credit:Roberto Nickson

Microfiber is a synthetic material known for its stain resistance. Liquids do not seep into the surface easily and most stains can be removed with a little soap and water. It has a soft fabric, velvet-like texture and a tight weave that won't get caught in your pet's claws. Canvas is great for homes with pets because it's tear resistant and doesn't hold dirt or hair. The tightly woven material is extremely durable and easy to clean with soap and water. In addition to these fabrics, plush fabrics are loved by cats and dogs, but instead of using a completely plush sofa, you can use this material for your pet's bed or pillows. Curl fabric, one of the most recent and trendy fabrics, is again the kind that pets can love. However, plush and boucle cleaning is more difficult than the other fabric types we have mentioned. For more durability, you can turn to types with velvet and canvas components.

Create an inviting space for them

You want our family and guests to feel comfortable when they visit your home. Proceed with the same perspective for your cat and dog. For example, creating a separate entrance for your dog is a great approach to make it easier for them to get in and out of your home. You can be as creative as you want with the design, or even add a small mat just for them.

A dog looking curiously from where she lay
Image Credit: Laula Co


Every pet likes to look out the window to watch their owners come home and enjoy the sun on those sunny days. For this, avoid thick fabric curtains, or do not restrict their viewing area during the day. You can choose light, sheer fabric curtains that will allow them to enjoy the view.

A cat standing by the window
Image Credit: Jez Timms

Create spaces for your pets to spend time

Of course, you don't need to dedicate your entire house to your pets, but having special areas just for them ensures that they own the space and are happy. You can dedicate a small space to a corner of a large room, or if you have enough room, you can dedicate a room to them. You can place a cat tree or a cushion in front of the window in this area and keep their toys in this area. In this way, your pet will have his own space in your home that he can call home. You can also create an organized space by storing snacks and care products in this area for ease of use.

An angry looking cat on the table
image credit: paul hanaoka

Environmental Conditions

Even if your pet, especially your dog, doesn't live outside, having a pet-friendly outdoor area is essential. Having enough space to run around and play safely will make them feel happier. A house with a garden is a great choice in this regard, but even if you live in an apartment, a park near your house where you can walk your dog, a green and tree area will make them feel more peaceful.

Dost kedi ve köpek yavrusu
Image Credit: Krista Mangulsone

A comfortable sleep

Even if he wants to sleep with you, your pet needs his own space to sleep. Make sure that the bed is in a position suitable for your pet's size, comfortable enough and easily accessible whenever they want. If it's a little cold where you live, you can make them feel more comfortable by adding blankets and pillows to keep them warm while they sleep.

A lazy kitten lying on its back
Image Credit: Jonathan Fink


A woman washing her dog in the bathtub
Image Credit: Autri Taheri

A clean cat and dog also means a clean house, a clean house also makes them happy and of course you too. You can create a storage area for products that will clean your dog's paws at the entrance of the house. Make sure you don't disrupt their maintenance and cleaning routines. Clean your home frequently with vacuum cleaners with high suction power. Wipe surfaces with natural insect cleaner products. Make sure to ventilate your home every day.


Did you know that at least 10,000 cases of disease are recorded by veterinarians each year due to poisonous and dangerous plants for pets? aloe vera, azalea, cyclamen, oleander, daffodil, tulip and hyacinths are some of the poisonous plants for dogs. Chamomile, sunflower, orchid, rattlesnake plant, ribbon flower, lounge palm, succulents are plants that have been found to be not harmful to your pet. You can also create a decorative focus in your home interior by raising delicate plants with plant bases and coffee tables, protecting them from cats and dogs.

A cat looking from the window
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