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A Clutter-Free Home: Art Of Decluttering and Organizing

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

"Cluttered house, cluttered mind."

Clutter can cause anxiety and discomfort and should not have a place in a place where healing energy is desired. Whether it's your living room or your closet, anything around you that exceeds the needs and capacity of that space can impair your ability to concentrate and process information.

Do not underestimate the importance of regulation and do not procrastinate. Physical clutter around you leads to mental clutter that is much more difficult to get rid of. On the other hand, we have many options when it comes to organizing the space.

In the light of Zen teaching, the Japanese realized the calming power of arrangement itself and turned it into an art. Marie Kondo is one of the names you can take inspiration from.

For a calm order in the space, you can include multi-purpose furniture with storage compartments.

You can create decorative details with storage solutions such as shelves, boxes, baskets and different cabinets. Remove items that you do not use often. You can use the three-box method for this. One to hold, one to store, and one to throw.

Sharing provides energy balance and strengthens the healing energy. By regularly sharing the items you don't need with the people in need, you can provide material and moral balance in your space. Take care to keep smooth and dust-free surfaces as clean as possible.

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